What Is The Appropriate Way Of Calculating For Hourly Price As A Freelancer? Easy Guide To Comprehend For Beginners!!

on Jul 22, 2019 in Freelance Career

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Freelancing has emerged out to be the primary business practice that is making people indulged within. Thousands of men and women are working as freelancers to generate passive income through it and take good enough benefit from their learned skill-set.

In addition, when working as a freelancer, one of the most thoughtful concepts remains what price to be asked from the client.

Beginners find it a bit complicated to calculate the freelance rate at which they would be working for. We are assisting with optimal details on how to calculate for your freelancing work rate.

How to calculate the freelance rate?

The calculation of the freelance rate is much easier than you think it is. You need to go through simple steps to calculate hourly rate as a freelancer that you would be charging from the hirer. So let us get started with simple things.

Be honest about your skills

We all are known about our set of skills and are well known for how much homework do we require doing. It is appropriate for you to choose to be honest with yourself as that would further assist you in understanding about freelancer price.

Worth of work

Another primary aspect that you are required to look into is the worth that you are working with. As if your freelancing work is going to profit them with $50000 and paying you $250 wouldn’t be a huge deal for them.

Additionally, taking this aspect into consideration would assist you in understanding whether you should be asking for the higher price or lower one.

Set for your price

You need to understand regarding the aspect that you have invested good enough time of yours over that certain art or skill, so you must get paid according to it. Providing your art or skill at a lower price would be just like disrespecting it.

hourly or project rate

So these are some of the considerations that can assist you in understanding and calculating the price of your freelancer hourly or project rate.


From the details stated above, it is crystal clear that when you are getting started with the freelance, then it is opted to get fair prices for your expertise work.

In addition, to determine the freelance rate that you would be asking your hirer to pay can be calculated depending on the quality that you are providing to a certain task.

Additionally, it is not a great choice to be meek as you have invested your time and money in learning a certain skill, so go for a price that seems appropriate to you for your skill.